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Pimp my Style Clothing Swop - 2017-12-14

Happiness is........ To visit Pimp My Style Clothing Swop inside Crafters Club  for a wonderful swopping experience. Swop....don't Shop!!  Bring the clothes, handbags, jewellery and scarfs you dont want anymore to swop for clothes you actually want. Die idee van Pimp My Style het begin rondom die ruil van goeie klere, serpe ... more

Crafters Club relocated to another shop in Gezina Galleries - 2017-06-18

You are receiving this newsletter because we have identified you as a prospective exhibitor or client interested in our Crafters Club shop in Gezina Galleries. Should you not wish to receive occasional newsletters from us, kindly UNSUBSCRIBE. Crafters Club opened in Tshwane China Mall in October 2015 and closed in April 2017, to relocate to ... more

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