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2018 Kunsvlytmarathon - 2018-06-10

Crafters Club het toegemaak in Gezina Galleries, totdat ons die geskikte perseel kry om te heropen.   Intussen werk ek, tesame met Adele Reynders aan die 2018 Kunsvlytmarathon.   Die Craft Skills-span beplan 'n Kunsvlytmaraton in Pretoria aan die einde van September 2018.   Ons benodig kunsvlyters wat klasse kan... more

Shares in Crafters Club Co-operative Ltd - 2018-04-09

My name is Jacoba Calitz. I grew up in a home where my mother was an artist and crafter and my father always kept himself busy with various hobbies and crafts. I always liked crafts and had a dream to be my own boss.    My two dreams came together when I had the opportunity to open the Crafters Club gift shop in Tshwane China Mall i... more

Crafters Club now a Co-op - 2018-04-03

Crafters Club in Gezina Galleries was sold on 1 April 2018 to Crafters Club Co Op Ltd. What it means is that I am still managing the business but it no longer belongs only to me. A Co-operative has been formed and prospective members are invited to buy shares in the co-op @ R200.00 per share. Please contact me for more info, should you be intereste... more

Pimp my Style Clothing Swop - 2017-12-14

Happiness is........ To visit Pimp My Style Clothing Swop inside Crafters Club  for a wonderful swopping experience. Swop....don't Shop!!  Bring the clothes, handbags, jewellery and scarfs you dont want anymore to swop for clothes you actually want. Die idee van Pimp My Style het begin rondom die ruil van goeie klere, serpe ... more

Exhibition space at Crafters Club - 2017-06-18

  We have exhibition space for unique quality handmade products. Admin fee payable according to space occupied and 27% commission payable on sales. Products subject to approval. We are situated in Gezina Galleries, on the corner of 11th Avenue and frederika Street, Gezina, Pretoria. Please join our Facebook group Crafters Club and... more

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